Rochester Cocktail Revival

June 3-9


Tuesday - Taco Boozeday

Two. Dollar. Tacos. Five. Dollar. Margaritas. Now that's something to taco 'bout.

Thursday - Netflix and chill, dude

So, you wanna come to our place and watch a movie or something? Come on in, we'll fix you a real nice drink. Pick your theater room, sit back, and relax. Your ticket gets you entry for a movie, a Monkey Shoulder cocktail and your choice of junk food. And our 'lobby' isn't just serving Coca-Cola products. MOVIE TICKETS

Friday - Pig roast and luau

Hawaii, anyone? It's the pig roast of the summer, luau-style. Tiki cocktails featuring Angostura Rum and Hawaiian food take over at the Ox. Slow-roasted pork with traditional sides, poke bowls, surf rock and grass skirts. Now, Mai Tai ask you a question? How could you possibly resist?

Saturday - camp oxawanna

Camp Ox-Ah-Wanna, we hold you in our hearts. When we think about you it makes us wanna START. (Drinking, that is.) Our 'Salute Your Shorts' summer camp-themed party will surely get out of hand once the camp instructors turn in. The music will get bumped up, and we'll break into those campy cocktails using Four Roses Bourbon. Summer camp costumes optional, but strongly encouraged.