classic and balanced

Highly trained and passionately obsessed tenders of their craft armed with the freshest fruits and herbs, house made bitters and tinctures, that's who you'll find behind the bar of the Ox and Stone.  Marked by an extensive tequila and mezcal selection, our spirit portfolio has a wide range of whiskey, liqueurs and amaro.     


rare and rotational

It's likely you'll not see the same draught lineup even if you were to dine here every day of the week.  Eight taps feature beers selected for their seasonality, taste and quality.  This mentality goes for our bottle and can list with both domestic and imported beers.


latin, european, american

Certainly wines from Spain, Chile and Argentina pair well with our food given our Latin influence.  We're smart enough to know that so too does wine from France, Germany, California and elsewhere.  We choose our wines only after tasting to ensure for good pairings and enjoyability.